Speed Training Resistance Parachute, Power Running Chute

Speed training resistance ParachuteSpeed training resistance Parachute 2

Product Description
The speed chute is perfect for adding resistance to running drills. Use it to increase running speed, explosiveness, acceleration, and lower body power. The velcro waist belt has a quick-release feature, which is great for speed training. The waist belt is adjustable up to 42 inches. The complete unit includes the parachute, nylon belt with velcro enclosure, and carrying case. There are no removable parts. Everything is sewn together and requires no assembly.

1. Speed Parachute is a ultimate training tool to improve sprint speed, lower body strength, acceleration and resistance.
2. Opens as running begins, adjustable waistband allows a comfortable fit to all players.
3. Offers approximately 15 lbs of resistance.
4. Carry bag included.

Speed Parachute Size: 48″ diameter
Material: Waterproof Polyester
Colours: Available in Red and Yellow
Packing: Each Parachute is packed in a carry bag.
• Increase running speed and explosiveness
• Adjustable waist belt with “quick release” velcro enclosure
• A powerful motivator for short distance sprints
• Nylon bag included

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