SmartyPants Vitamins for your kids

Smarty Pants

SmartyPants was the first gummy vitamin to combine four vitamins in one and the company focused on those nutrients toughest to get from food. They all come together to produce a delicious gummy treat that is easy to take and you know you can trust. Only the best and most well researched nutrients are used and then tested by a 3rd party to ensure that what it says on the bottle is inside the gummy.
Vitamins are helpful to fill in the gaps when you or your child is not always able to eat a balanced meal. SmartyPants gummies is seen as an insurance policy that ensures your bodies are not going to be deficient in the nutrients they need to thrive. It is always recommended checking with your healthcare professional before giving your child or taking yourself any supplements to ensure any specific deficiencies are being addressed. You are encourage to print the label and share it with your healthcare professional to see how the products measure up against other vitamins available on the market.
SmartyPants sources their best-in-class nutrients and top-of-the line Fish Oil from leading nutritional manufacturers who are USP and GMP certified. SmartyPants are made in California from domestic and imported ingredients, according to Good Manufacturing Processes (GMP) safety standards. We do not cut corners in sourcing or manufacturing our products because we designed our product for our own children and we want them to have only the best ingredients available on the market.

Their ingredients are sourced from leading nutritional companies throughout the United States and Canada, who are USP and GMP verified. Their source materials are quality checked rigorously to ensure the quantities of nutrients on their labels can be found in every SmartyPants gummy they sell, and they always guarantee their Fish Oil is third-party laboratory tested.

Smarty Pants are free of gluten, wheat and dairy.

Please visit our Product Store page to complete your order.

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